DTJ-V 반자동 캡슐 충전기


DTJ-V 반자동 캡슐 충전기

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가용성 상태:

Introduction of semi-automatic DTJ-V capsule filling machine 

DTJ-V semi autoamtic capsule filling machine is very compact and dynamic equipment to fill powder, granule, pellet into hard gelatin capsule in small scale, the filling speed is 200-300 pieces of capsule per min, as per the operation speed of operator.

DTJ-V semi-automatic capsule filler has separated empty capsule feeding station, powder feeding station and capsule closing station. The machine use three inverters to control the speed of capsule feeding turret, powder feeding turret and the powder feeding auger, and adopts the new type capsule feeding structure. Equipped with Siemens PLC and touch screen control, as long as the standby button control, all the operation are very easy and simple, it can be adopted to fill both the chemical and herbal product. The machine body and working table adopt stainless steel, it is easy to connect to the vacuum feeder. The machine confirms to the GMP sanitary requirement of pharmaceutical, nutrition, supplement and herbal medicine industries strictly.

Semi automatic capsule filler Application

The product is special capsule filling machine  Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine | Capsule Filler which is suitable for medium and small pharmaceutical factory, hospital preparation lab, etc. The capsule filler is adopted programmable control system, touch panel operation, step-less transudation speed-shift, and electronic automatic counter. Capsule filling machine semi automatic can automatic complete the action of position, separation, filling, locking, etc. The dosage is accurate, and the operation is convenient. The overall capsule filler is made of stainless steel, and it is suitable for the capsule which is filled with powder and grain.

Main Features

1) High quality hard gelatin semi auto capsule filling machine is controlled by step-less frequency conversion and pneumatic device, and adopts electronic counter.

2) High quality hard gelatin semi auto capsule filling machine can finish position, separation, filling, locking of capsule, and reduce the labor intensity and improve working efficiency.

3) Control : Siemens PLC and touch screen control.

Main Technical Parameters
Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
Machine model
Max. Output(A set of mold)
12000-18000 Capsules/hour
20000 – 25000pcs/hour
Capsule Size
Dosage Type
Power Supply
380V±10%, 50/60Hz, 3ph
Net:400KG Gross:500KG
Net:480KG Gross:580KG
Machine Size
1200*700*1650 mm
1140*700*1600 mm
Packing Size
1650*720*1700 mm
1400*860*1500 mm


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Hunan Grand Packing Machinery Co., Ltd (Hunan Grand International Trade Co., ltd 마케팅 및 수출 회사)는 거의 20 년 동안 플라스틱 앰플 성형 충전 및 밀봉 기계, 캡슐 충전과 같은 제약 및 포장 기계 전문 기업입니다. 기계, 물집 포장기, 지구 포장기, 넣는 기계 등.

제품 카테고리


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