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DPP-150 귀 방울 물집 포장기

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What is blister packaging machine?

What is blister packing machine and how do blister packaging machines work? Blister packaging machine is to heat the forming sheet, such as PVC/PET/PS in the mould to form the blister tray, fill the product into the tray from the auto feeder, and then seal with sealing alu foil or composite film.

Application of blister packing machine

Blister machine has a wide application in different industries, we can conclude as following:

1- Pharmaceutical--to pack the medicine and drug such as hard capsule,soft gelatin capsule, tablet, glass ampoule and vial etc

2- Food--to pack various kind of jam, oil, honey, ketchup , butter, cheese, cream in small mono dose package

3- Medical--to pack the medical tools such as needle, syringe etc

4- Hardware and daily necessities--to pack the hardware and household products , such as filter, spar plug,cigarette holder etc

5- Other special products such as dry flower, granules.

Structure of blister packaging machine

The working stations of blister pack machine is as following:

1- Forming station, it is the forming mould to heat and soften the PVC/PET/PS by positive pressing and blowing to form the blister tray as per the required shape and size

2- Filling station, it is to fill the product into the formed blister tray on the according automatic feeder. For example, peristaltic pump for water like liquid with good flow-ability, piston pump or rotary valve pump for high viscosity liquid such as cream, jam, brush type feeder for capsule and tablet. For some irregular shape of product, we will need to feed manually.

3- Sealing station, it is to seal the PVC/PET/PS tray with aluminum or composite film

4- Batch Number embossing, it is to emboss the expiry date, manufacturing date etc on the blister by stainless steel letters.

5- Punching station, it is to punch and cut the filled and sealed blister for us to get the completely produce blister.

6- Discharging, after punching station, we can collect the finial produced blister or connect the blister packing machine with the next other machines, such as flow packing machine, automatic cartoner.

Classification of blister packing machine

A--According to the sealing principle, blister packing machine can be divided into flat type blister packing machine and roller type blister packaging machine, Roller type blister packer is normally for higher production capacity requirement. The punching frequency of roller type machine is maximum 100times/min, while flat type blister packing machine can theoretically reach 40-50times/min.

B- As per the packing material width to be used on the machine, we usually name the machine model at DPP-80, DPP-150, DPP-250/260,DPP-350. This also decides how many pieces of blister we can arrange per row based on the blister size.  

C- Blister packaging machine can be divided into alu pvc blister packing machine and alu alu blister packing machine accordingly to the packing material used on the machine. Alu alu blister package, with higher barrier for light, moisture and oxygen, is often required for some special medicine.

Control method of blister packing machine

Nowadays, the roller type blister packing machine adopts advanced servo motor control for each station, while flat type blister packing machine, the bigger machine model, it will adopt servo motor control for drawing, or mechanical control for the small machines.

Main Technical Parameters






Punch frequency

10-33 times/min

10-35 times/min

10-35 times/min

10-40 times/min

Max. Forming Area





Max Forming Depth

(can be customized)


Stroke range





Air pressure


Total power supply

(can be customized)

220V 50Hz, 2.8KW

380V 50Hz, 3.8KW

380V 50Hz, 3.8KW

380V 50Hz, 8.5KW

PVC hard Film



( 0.15-0.5)*180mm


PTP Aluminum film





Dialysis Paper





Mould cooling

Tap water or recycling water

Overall Dimension






Machine Weight






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